14th Circuit Solicitor's Office​

Allendale, Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton and Jasper counties​

Worthless Check Unit

Worthless Check Unit

The Worthless Check Unit helps businesses and individuals recoup financial losses resulting from bad checks. Since 2009, the Fourteenth Circuit Solicitor’s Office has recovered more than $2 million in restitution. The Worthless Check Program is offered free-of-charge to victims of bad checks. Fees collected from the offender fund the program.

This service takes the burden off the victim and allows us to focus on collecting the money on their behalf and/or prosecuting the check-writer in court.

If someone has written you a bad check that has been returned by the financial institution, send a copy of the original check (usually marked “legal copy”) and fill out the Worthless Check form available on this website or in any of our six offices. Submit both documents to:

Worthless Check Unit
Fourteenth Circuit Solicitor’s Office
Post Office Box 1880
Bluffton, South Carolina 29910

In order to qualify for this free service, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Checks must have been presented for payment to an individual, business or organization in the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit, which includes Allendale, Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton and Jasper counties.
  2. Checks must be submitted immediately after being returned from the financial institution. Checks that provide less than 60 days for processing will not be accepted. At this time, we are unable to process out-of-state checks.
  3. We only accept the original check image (usually marked “legal copy”) from the financial institution. The check must be legible.
  4. Each check must be accompanied with the Worthless Check form (called the Victim-Vendor Worksheet) that is filled out completely and accurately.
  5. The check must contain a correct date, an amount made payable to an individual or business and the signature of the person who wrote the check. We cannot process post-dated checks or any checks in which there was an agreement to delay making a deposit.
  6. Business checks must include the name of the business owner or person who signed the check because arrest warrants cannot be sworn out against a business. 
  7. We do not process forgeries. That is a separate crime. Forged, altered or fictitious checks should be turned over to law enforcement.
  8. You must not have previously made an arrangement for payment from the writer of the bad check and must not have received any money from the offender. While in this program, you must refrain from reaching such an arrangement.
  9. Please ensure that all checks turned over to the Worthless Check Unit are ones you wish to have processed. Once checks have been submitted to this office, they will not be cancelled without the victim paying at least $91 in fees.

Restitution checks are mailed out once a month. We recommend you keep a copy of the check and the Worthless Check form for your records. This office reserves the right to refuse the acceptance of checks from individuals who do not adhere to the guidelines set forth.

For more information about the program and how we can help you collect the money you are owed, please contact us at 843-779-8477.

Want a copy of these requirements to print and save for your records? Click here for a printable PDF.

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